Where Art meets Science to create Beautiful Smile

Where Art meets Science to create Beautiful Smile

Where Art meets Science to create Beautiful Smile

Where Art meets Science to create Beautiful Smile


At SmileOra Dental, we offer the highest quality of care, especially for our pediatric dental services. Whether it’s your child’s first time at the dentist, or they have been coming in for regular visits for years, we promise to make it a pleasant experience that will keep them comfortable and relaxed. Our office knows the importance of promoting proper oral health. As your children’s dentist, our goal is to ensure a happy & healthy smile of a child.


Preparing for Your Child’s First Dental Visit


We want your child’s first visit to their dental office to run smoothly. To help prepare, let them know what will be happening during their visit in advance, highlighting aspects such as:


– Examination of their gums, teeth, and mouth

– Evaluation of their oral habits

– Fluoride treatment if it is necessary

– Education on how to properly clean their gums and teeth

– Learning next steps for regular dental visits


We recommend starting your children’s dental care journey by visiting their pediatric dentist around their third birthday. To promote a positive first experience, we suggest preparing them by sharing your positive dental experiences and reviewing what their visit will be like.

We know that as a parent, you want to choose the best for your child, and our pediatric dental office is committed to supplying the quality care you expect. Here at SmileOra we offer urgent dental care, where we promise to give you and your child the best experience as your kids’ dentist. Check out the other services we offer at our office, including orthodontic options.


About Our Approach to Pediatric Dental Care


At our office, we want your children to be comfortable and at ease when coming in for an appointment, and we think it’s important that kids start experiencing going to the dentist early on before associating it with any fears.

This is why we see kids of all ages and as soon as they have teeth. Additionally, we also see kids in our office under the age of 3 at no charge as long as their parents are patients of the practice.

So you can bring the kids along with you as you’re getting your teeth checked, and we can handle everything in one visit. We can provide polish and fluoride, and if needed, we can supply orthodontics for kids of all ages.

Best yet, an early trip like this will help kids have a positive experience, and our staff will emphasize this positive experience so the whole family can leave smiling.

Some additional aspects to keep in mind, especially for new parents, include:


– When talking with your child about an upcoming dental visit, we advise against mentioning anything scary (shots, drills, etc.)

– By bringing in your children early, we can help prevent them from having issues, making their early visits, and hopefully many more, all about preventative actions and education rather than about correcting problems


Preventative Dental Care for Kids


Oral education is a crucial component when talking about preventative care. We want to help your child refrain from experiencing cavities and tooth decay, and good oral health goes hand in hand with healthy eating habits. We encourage parents to watch what their child is drinking and avoid colored sugary drinks.

To help your child prevent cavities, we recommend the following precautions:


– Limit frequency of snacking

– Encourage your child to brush, floss, and rinse their mouth

– Avoid giving your child sticky foods

– Make treats a part of their meals

– Choose nutritious snacks


Also, when it comes to sugar intake, it’s important to remember that duration is worse than the amount of sugar, meaning that sucking on candy is worse than having a Gatorade or soda.

By encouraging your child to brush dental and dental floss regularly and limiting their sugar intake, together, we can help prevent poor oral habits. Even when children still have their baby teeth, it is essential to start good habits early to maintain a healthy diet and good oral hygiene.